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Unlimited storage
Unlimited bandwidth
1 website hosted
30-Day Free Trial
$2.75 / month

Unlimited storage
Unlimited bandwidth
5 websites hosted
30-Day Free Trial
$3.75 / month

Unlimited storage
Unlimited bandwidth
Unlimited websites hosted
30-Day Free Trial
$8.33 / month

Hosting Description

Hosting is a type of Internet service that enables persons and firms to make their web pages visible online. Web hosting providers are companies that offer disk drive storage space on a web hosting server stored in a data center facility and ensure uninterrupted website accessibility.

Where do you start?

The Internet has become a key factor in our daily routine. It gives you the ability to make extra money, but can also be a main source of income. In order to put adverts on your web page or to promote a service that you sell, you always require a hosting service, which will make sure that your web portal is protected and continually up and running. But how do you discover one that is affordably priced and yet trustworthy enough?

The shared hosting solution

The solution web hosting corporations have come up with is called shared hosting. With the shared hosting solution, numerous web hosting clients are accommodated on one and the very same hosting server. There are rigid limits on the resources that each shared hosting account can in fact avail of, thus ensuring that they do not interfere with each other. The shared hosting solution offers acceptable performance and is more affordably priced than, let's say, a dedicated server, which is used by only one person. The shared solution enables hosting corporations to offer their customers affordable prices. It usually comes with easy-to-use Control Panel software, as is the case with the server that we at HostKats provide, and enables everyone to administer their web portals without worrying about server installation and maintenance tasks, which are taken care of solely by the hosting plans provider.

VPS hosting

With the VPS hosting solution, on the other hand, you share a physical server with other VPS web server hosting clients, but you are allotted a dedicated share of the system resources. The VPS solution is the middle ground between the much more moderately priced shared web hosting solution and the more expensive dedicated web server solution, and is a perfect solution for anyone who wishes to host, for example, an audio or video streaming website or a community website. The fact that you have to take care of the web server configuration settings and software updates yourself is somewhat of a weakness, but this could also be a big benefit if you really have to make certain server configuration changes - something that would be impossible on a shared web server.

Dedicated Servers

Dedicated servers are in most instances much more high-priced than shared web hosting or VPS web server hosting solutions. You might wonder why would anyone use a dedicated hosting server then? The answer is quite simple. If your firm has a big website, or just has very precise web server configuration and safety requirements, the most reasonable option is a dedicated hosting web server that you or your techs can manage directly. For somebody who is prepared to invest in security and dependability, the greater price is not a concern. You obtain full root access and can use 100 percent of the dedicated server's system resources without anyone else sharing these system resources and intervening with your sites.